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Property without pollution: without visual pollution, without noises from civilization, without the wastes of contemporary civilization.
This property in a top destination in Europe is a guarantee of a pleasant future.For nature lovers, this rare property is a rough diamond ready to be polished.
Paradise on earth at your disposal. Facing south and the sun.
Fantastic central location: 1h30m car driving from property to Lisbon, 1h30m car driving from property to Porto and 1h30m car driving from property to Spain.


15 minutes car driving from property to the next  airfield.



-The investment in this property shall receive 50% funding from the European Union (EU) !!

-The mayor and the city hall welcome investment in our property !!

-investment in our property is considered priority by portuguese law !!

(Please contact for more details).

IMPORTANT NOTE – if you prefer to purchase our estate through real estate agencies, that is also possible, since two real estate agencies in Lisboa-Portugal  have this rare and beautiful property on their portfolios for sale (one is a world famous top prestigious agency).

Property Details

For a family home; for a tranquility wine and spa resort; for wine culture; for cork tree culture; for strawberry trees culture; for general farming; art and music center; for a landscape resort and homes; for a wind farm; for photovoltaics; for nature lovers; for real estate international funds.

Location-In the geographic center of Portugal a sheltered, private and hidden nature:

Located on the northern part of a small village extending into the southern  slope of a hill; the main valleys of the farm are very discreet, yet very close to the small village and main county road that goes through the southern part of it.
Unique location, very close to civilization, but most important, without seeing civilization and without the noises of civilization.

Driving time to the closest city: 15 minutes by car.

For those who want privacy, no noise and nature with great biodiversity, but very close to roads, national and international roads/highways (20 minutes driving to reach the international highway to Spain, France and all  countries in Europe).

More than 15 hectares of land  (more than 150.000 square meters) ideally placed in a  slope of a hill, facing south and the sun !!

There is a central property with close to 15 hectares united in one big piece of land, made of four   (4) very discreet valleys.
To walk around this central property it takes about one hour and a half.

The average size of property in this region is around 1000 square meters: this property is the biggest in this region and has been in the same family for more than 300 years.

Most families have settled in this region 100, 200, 300 years ago and more.
Recently, foreigners from the north of Europe started to settle in this region taking advantage of these peaceful and hidden areas of valleys and hills. One family from Holland has settled two kilometers away from this farm.

There are other nearby detached properties included in this farm: six of them total more than 5 hectares of land.

One old family house with courtyard and garden next to a tall linden tree.
Two (2) barns.
One house in ruins set in a slope with terraces, cork trees and  other trees of the oak family, strawberry trees, all with views from top towards south and the sun.

Two (2) artificial lakes.
A mine for water.
Five (5) old wells.
Four (4) tanks for water.
And several small/medium sized channels/streams of water running for weeks after rainfall.

One of the properties,( in a very secluded area,  lots of privacy, yet 5 minutes distant by car from the central property) is bordered by a river along 200 meters.

Walls and terraces of stone are present in many parts of this farm. With  forest trails.

Orchards of orange trees, olive trees, persimmon trees. Other fruit trees include fig trees, pear trees, marmel trees, apple tree, nespera tree, peach tree, cherry tree, lemon trees, grapevines and strawberry trees.

The forest is made of pine trees, eucalyptus and about one thousand (1000) cork trees growing in different stages of growth. Other trees from the oak family; others.
Many fragrant bushes, some used in the perfume industry.

There are eagles and many other birds; foxes and other small animals from the forest.

Photo Gallery

About Portugal

-According to Forbes and InterNations2018, Portugal is ranked number one as most friendly country in the world (information from March 26th 2018);

-The USA State Department has placed Portugal in level one, safest  country in the world, in four levels of countries available (information from January 22nd 2018);

-Portugal as a safe place to live: in 2017 Portugal ranked third in the Global Peace Index, after Iceland and New Zealand.

-Golden Visas available in Portugal for you and your family.